Dr. Sanjay Sinha, is a bass guitar and tabla player who has lived music since he was a child. Born with an innate passion for rhythm, Sanjay's journey began at an early age when he made his first bass guitar out of a cookie tin and some rubber bands. From that moment, his life became a symphony of dedication and creativity.


He claims musical inspiration from his father, Chandra Prakash Sinha who while raising him in a musically enriched environment, encouraged him to hone his skills training in jazz piano, tabla, bass guitar, jazz and funk, working to blend his love for western genres and Indian classical music while he minored in jazz music in college.


Sanjay has performed with Matt Malley of the Counting Crows in a meditative Mohan Veena concert and he composed and co-choreographed a”Stomp”, inspired Indian rhythm group called Dishoom with tap artist Pankaj Raval.


Throughout his career as a bass player, Sanjay Sinha has performed in multiple funk and rock bands, jazz combos, and most recently as the bass player in the burgeoning rock band, Meyer Lane.Sanjay is also a loving husband, father and an Interventional Pediatric Cardiologist at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and UCI/UCLA.