KarmetiK develops multimedia software and hardware for clients around the globe. We create solutions for clients who need specialized software interfaces, who require interactive desktop, mobile, or web applications, who have a need for performance-critical software, or who desire custom multimedia signal processing. Our engineers pride themselves on also being artists, which translates to a development aesthetic that favors flexible design and beautiful solutions over hastily-assembled, monkey & typewriter software.

Our target industries are entertainment, music, theatre, advertising, video-gaming/interactive media, and pre/post-production film. In each of these areas, we have an exceptional base of experience to cover many specialized software, hardware, and research needs.


KarmetiK considers each client unique in their needs. We don’t make assumptions. Some may be performing preliminary research, others may be working on a new release, and yet more may be short-handed in delivering their next big innovative product to market.

Project estimates are not based on any simple model, but rather each client’s firm technological needs. From day one, clients start dealing directly with the engineers who will be working a project – whether discussing a research strategy, or the core engineering details behind an established project. We work carefully to plan and execute solutions that will deliver results on-time and in-budget.