Inaaya at REDCAT

October 24, 2018
REDCAT @ Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex

October 24, 2017
International Conference MOOC-Maker
Antigua Guatemala

If So, What? Art and Design Event 2018

April 28th 2018
The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA.

Keynote Speech
"Bringing Technology, Culture and Storytelling in Interactive Live Performances”

April 24th, 2018
The Battery, San Francisco, CA.

The Age of Mechatronics: How Robots are Performing on Stage and in Art Galleries

Join us to learn about how robotic musical instruments and sculptures are emerging as new mediums for creative expression. Imagine a concert hall full of sound objects creating a sonic landscapes surrounding the audience. Imagine walking into a museum where sculptures are moving in creating a new experience for the viewer. This talk will present some of the leading artists who are pushing the boundaries of art and technology in the creation of Mechatronic Art work.


October 2, 2016
Columbia University, New York, NY

9am Keynote Panel at Conference includes Anant Agarwal (founder of EdX), Andreina Parisi-Amon (Coursera), Mike Sharples (FutureLearn), Greg Bybee (NovoEd) & Ajay Kapur (Kadenze).

September 13, 2015
Moscow, Russia

Russian education conference bringing together founders for Coursera, EdX and Kadenze. Ajay to speak about how building KarmetiK Robots led to building a system for adaptive online learning for


March 9, 2013
REDCAT Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex; Los Angeles CA

This conference explores how new understandings of performance and liveness are radically changing our experience of art, technology, culture, and politics. Ajay Kapur premieres "The Magic Conductor".

May 17, 2013
Daejeon, South Korea

New Interfaces for Musical Expression in Korea host Bill Verplank and Ajay Kapur as Keynotes in 2013

Rabbit in the Moon

January 18, 2013
Ansan, Korea

Featuring: Ajay Kapur & Raakhi Kapur; World Premiere of the new KarmetiK Korean Interfaces including eHaegum, eJanggu, and the ZiOm. In Collaboration with the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

November 13, 2012
UC Irvine, California

Featuring: Karmeron Chirstopher, Jon He, Jason Jahnke, Raphael Arar, Jeff Bryant, Nick Suda, Gabriel Rey-Goodlatte, Jim Murphy,Bridget Johnson & Ajay Kapur


April 13, 2012
REDCAT - Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex; Los Angeles CA

Directed by: Ajay Kapur, Michael Darling, Raakhi Kapur & Jason Jahnke

March 13, 2012
Savannah, GA

Ajay Kapur, Owen Vallis, Jordan Hochenbaum, Mohammad Zareei, Colin Honigman, David Howe, Raakhi Kapur, Michael Darling