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MalletOTon consists of 48 rotary solenoids, each of which strike one of 48 marimba bars.

MalletOTon does not require the original instrument to be modified in a permanent or damaging manner. This allows MalletOTon to be easily removed from its current instrument and attached to another marimba or metallophone. The actuators are mounted on brackets to a length of T-profile aluminum extrusion, allowing for easy repositioning of the actuator modules. MalletOTon uses 48 rotary solenoid actuators. Such rotary solenoid actuators are the simplest type of robotic percussion end effector, and were chosen due to their ease of implementation. Attached to the shaft of the solenoid is a rubber-tipped mallet. Upon application of voltage to the solenoid, the mallet rotates into contact with the marimba’s bar.

Michael Darling, Eric Heep, Ajay Kapur