Sahy Uhns (pronounced Science) is electronic music and hip-hop producer Charlie Burgin. Always on the search for new sounds, his music is composed with the help of his custom designed software, hardware, and modified instruments.

A compulsive music-maker, Charlie’s hip-hop pulses with organic rhythms combined with complex synthesis and audio processing while his IDM-influenced sounds evoke nostalgia through their pure melody and intricate rhythms. A multi-instrumenalist, Charlie regularly includes recordings of his own percussion and guitar performances in his tracks. Charlie’s attention to detail doesn’t stop with his studio tracks: his live performances brim with focused energy, engaging the audience with live electronic drumming, scratching, and multiple music interfaces. With influences all over the musical map, Charlie hopes to bridge the gap between his hip-hop influences and his more IDM influenced music. He is currently studying Music Technology in the MTIID program at the California Institute of The Arts with Martjin Zwartijes and Ajay Kapur. Charlie has two completed albums, hip-hop influenced “Freak Beat” and IDM influenced “Unknown” and is working on his third.