“It seems to me that the bulk of my work has been a struggle to forget what I trained to do in school and find a vocabulary that would allow me both raw expression as well as true understanding of the narrative of simple tangible objects.”

Over the last 10 years Michael Darling has been working on a series of block constructions based on the concept of the “haves” and the “have nots” with visual influences rooted in materials, architecture, bacteria, 70’s sci-fi and text. Using wood, used material and objects taken, found or cut from abandon factories in Western Massachusetts that he has collected, Michael assembles them together into semi-massive organic constructions. By using the blocks and objects like abstract brushstrokes he tries to create with the idea that he is the disavowed worker making this out of what was once his bosses office.

Michael Darling graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a degree in sculpture and printmaking. Professionally he has spent the last 16 years working in theater and themed entertainment as a Fabricator, Technical Director and Scene Designer with such theater artists and groups as Richard Foremen (The Ontological Theater), The Foundry Theater, And How… and The Target Margin. He has worked on productions in New York, Los Angeles and theater festivals world wide including The Barbican Festival, The Vienna Festival, Zürich Theater Spektakel, The Singapore Theater Festival, The Holland Festival, The Spoleto Festival and most recently The Sydney Theater Festival. Michael Darling has been a Faculty member and Head of Technical Direction at The California Institute of the Arts School of Theater since 2003 and teach classes ranging from CAD drafting and Technical Design to teaching Digital Fabrication.