GanaPatiBot, the successor to MahaDeviBot, features a variety of percussive elements. Unlike MahaDeviBot, many of GanaPatiBot’s drums can be struck by multiple solenoids.

GanaPatiBot was conceived of as a successor to MahaDeviBot. It has now gone through 3 major revisions as it has traveled the world playing concerts. At one time, Like MahaDeviBot, GanaPatiBot features three frame drums and an assortment of other percussive noisemaking devices. Each of GanaPatiBot’s frame drums can be struck with two solenoids for the possibility of inhumanly fast drum rolls. These solenoids are mounted on bendable gooseneck assemblies, designed to be positioned in various configurations around the drumhead for timbral flexibility. Additionally, GPB has a 6-in. metal gong, three rotary solenoids which click against the bot’s frame, a shaker, and a metal rattle. Unlike MahaDeviBot, GanaPatiBot’s actuators and instruments are oriented toward the audience for maximum visual effect. In performances, both MahaDeviBot and GanaPatiBot are suspended from the ceiling and hover approximately 6 feet off the ground.

Michael Darling & Ajay Kapur


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