Bridget Johnson is a Wellington-based sound artist, and a Lecturer and Major Co-ordinator of Music Technology at Massey University. In her inter-disciplinary studies she has developed a number of new musical interfaces with a focus on spatial performance. Her work focuses on finding modes of musical expressivity in emerging technologies.

As a practicing artist, musician, and composer, her works have been shown throughout New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Bridget’s work manifests in many ways including interface and instrument design, sound installations, composition, and sound sculpture. Her works often seek to explore the field where these mediums collide.

Bridget’s most recent project, speaker.motion, is a mechatronic loudspeaker with the ability to freely rotate and tilt the directionality of the loudspeaker, enabling dynamic manipulation of the spatial trajectories of sound in music performance. Prior to this, Bridget’s work focused on mobile app design, and interactive sound installations.  She continues to explore the capabilities of iOS applications for live music performance. In 2015 Bridget composed the soundtrack for feature film Small Is Beautiful: A Tiny House Film, which received worldwide recognition making it into the top 10 documentaries on iTunes.