The power dynamics of the “Indosphere” and “ The West” have turned upside down more than a few times over the centuries, and continue to change in fascinating ways, scrambling preconceptions about it.

INDUStry was an exhibit of works by four contemporary south asian artists at 2413 Hyperion in May 2024. Organized and curated by Raakhi Kapur and Dr. Ajay Kapur in collaboration with Tim Disney

Location: 2413 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles
Opening May 9, 2024
INDUStry x Change : May 22, 2024

Hosted by Tim Disney
Art Direction by Raakhi Kapur
Produced by Heather Manzutto

Featured Artists:
Dr. Ajay Kapur (L.A.)
Aadil Abedi (L.A.)
Radha Mehta (L.A.)
Masuma Halai Khwaja (Karachi)
mural by Jessie Sohpaul (Vancouver)
CalArts Mechatronic Art Sculpture

South Asian Dancers:
Sharanya Sekhri
Payal Kadakia

Discussion Curated and Organized:
Sanjay Sharma
Rishi Rajani
Marginal Media

Discussion Panel:
Mriga Kapadiya is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of NorBlack NorWhite.
Rajiv Menon is the founder of Rajiv Menon Contemporary.
Abhi kanakadandila is Co-Founder & CEO of D36.